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MURATBEY GIDA A.S. - MURATBEY - Fromage frais allégé

Kocatepe Mah. Mega Center
A Blok No:1243/1250

34151 Istanbul

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • Muratbey Food at Sial Paris 2016

    06 Juin 2016

    Muratbey Food Co. , having nearly half a century of past, is one of the few firms giving guidance to dairy sector in Turkey with its expertise. As one of the leading cheese trademarks, and innovation being one of the strongest elements, Muratbey has access to a large number of sale points worldwide with its broad product range, including USA, Israel, Japan, UAE and Middle East.Helix cheese has a unique twisted shape, unparalleled stucture and a matchless taste. Helix is the output of new technology, science, and innovation. It's production technology and shape is patented and protected by law over 60 countries worldwide. Helix cares for your health, it has a very low salt content, thus it gives you the excellent taste of fresh milk besides being very nutritional. Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, helix's taste is well accepted and so is consumed by all the classes of societies in every country it reaches. Children especially love to eat it since Helix is also very enjoyable and fun to eat as well as being very tasty! Families and chefs can decorate their plates with Helix in every meal of the day. Helix was even used in a Guinness Record Trial for being the longest cheese in the World and its total length was measured 250 metres carried by 80 people.Surmeli is another trademark of Muratbey. Surmeli is a feta cheese with an innovative structure; it's spreadable! After long years of research and engineering, Muratbey came up with the idea of spreadable feta cheese. Surmeli has the rich aromatic taste and the form of the classical feta cheese but what makes Surmeli exceptional and innovative is that you can either slice or spread it in the same time. Spice up the healthy option with Surmeli, it is fresh, soft and delicious with a very low sodium content! Muratbey is changing the rules of classical cheese production and taking it to a new level. You will certainly be amazed by the perfect taste of Muratbey Cheese varieties. Glad to see you at our booth.