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Communiqué de presse


    30 Octobre 2015

    Almost 150 Years of naturally gluten free production: quality and taste without compromises. Since 1869, 5 passionate generations of the Nicoli family operate in the maize transformation, with GLUTEN FREE and ORGANIC products in the following categories: 1- POLENTA FLOURS 2- BREAKFAST CEREALS 3- CEREAL BARS 4- HEALTHY SNACKS 5- BABY FOOD We package and manufacture PRIVATE LABELS for prominent global retailers, offering fast, flexible and reliable solutions based on our boast extensive know-how of successful product development. In 2012 we launched also our branded range, VITABELLA: GLUTEN FREE AND MUCH MORE. Why do the best European retailers choose us? a. Superior QUALITY and TASTE; b. SAFE products: dedicated production lines and storage center to avoid cross contamination; c. Continuous development of new production technologies; d. FULLY TRACEABLE 100% Italian supply chain: "from field to table" SGS certified e. CERTIFIED production sites: BRC, IFS, Kosher, QC&I, TESCO manufacturing process, Green Energy and much more; WHAT'S NEW We are expanding our range of Gluten Free products, focusing mainly in having CLEAN RECIPES without compromising the taste. We strive hard to enrich our products with nutritional claims that goes beyond the Gluten Free, such as HIGH FIBRES, LACTOSE FREE, LOW FAT, NO ADDED SUGAR, LOW G.I. We are currently exploring the possibilities of ANCIENT GRAINS such as Oats, Quinoa, Teff, Amaranth and Buckwheat. We are proud to introduce our new ranges and products: 1. Biscuits 2. Oat Bars 3. Ancient grains baked snacks 4. Baby food pop corns Come and visit us to find out more!