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Little Dish


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  • Snacking / Restauration

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : UK Pavilion - PS8 Ltd

Communiqué de presse

  • New Little Dish pots & pies

    01 Septembre 2016

    LITTLE DISH UNVEILS THE NEXT GENERATION OF HEALTHY FOOD FOR TODDLERS AND RAISES THE BAR IN THE KIDS' CHILLED MEALS CATEGORY Little Dish turns 10 this year and, to celebrate, the makers of proper food for kids are relaunching their healthy chilled toddler meals in a move that is set to shake up the Kids' Chilled Meals category. Introducing¿ brand new Little Dish pots & pies. The new range is developed in partnership with nutritionist and Mum, Lucy Jones, to ensure that every one of the new pots & pies is perfectly nutritionally balanced for toddlers and carries a special Nutritionist Approved stamp to give parents complete peace of mind. Dean Brown, Little Dish Managing Director, explains: "It's been ten years since Little Dish toddler meals first hit shop shelves and so much has changed since then. We thought it was time we went back to the drawing board and imagined what the future of healthy convenient food for toddlers could look like. "We have created a range of nutritionally superior toddler meals that are a delicious, fresh and convenient alternative to the long-life trays and pouches available in the Baby Aisle. We believe this is the future of healthy food for kids." The award-winning* Little Dish pots & pies have unrivalled nutritional credentials. The meals are made using 100% natural ingredients, contain no additives or preservatives, are low in salt and provide at least one of a child's recommended five-a-day. They are the only chilled toddler meals that contain no added sugar and only source meat from local UK farms. Hillary Graves, Little Dish Founder, adds: "We are proud to have been making a positive impact on young children's health for the last ten years and we're excited to be launching our new pots & pies - the only toddler meals in the shops that don't contain any added sugar or salt and still taste delicious."

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