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  • Snacking / Restauration
  • Distribution/Commerce
  • Restauration

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • GREENGROUND at SIAL Paris 2016

    27 Juillet 2016

    Kocabaylar Dried Fruits and Vegetables Ltd. was established in the southern western of Turkey in 2011. Kocabaylar, has been active in agriculture and food industries as well as fields like fresh fruit and vegetable trading and green housing fields. Fresh fruits and vegetables picked up from unexcelled gardens are processed in the hygienic environment of our facilities. Kocabaylar drying facility has a 40 tons per day fresh fruit and vegetable processing capacity. Kocabaylar is especially specialized in fruit drying and besides dried fruits like apple, pear, golden raisin, kiwi, banana, orange and strawberry, fresh vegetables like tomatoes and carrots are also processed. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhibition.