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INECO LTD - Produits d'épicerie biologiques

37 G. Papandreou
Commercial Center
Office A-10

12462 Haidari

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Communiqué de presse

  • GREEK SELECTIONS: The new multi category brand of INECO LTD

    16 Septembre 2016

    At the international food fair SIAL Paris 2016 (16.-20.10.2016) the new brand G-GREEK SELECTIONS of INECO Ltd. will be presented to the public for the first time. Under a single umbrella brand, the consumers will be able to receive a comprehensive range of carefully selected Greek food products. The brand intends to introduce the variety that the Greek agriculture has to offer, especially in the category of premium extra virgin olive oils, olives, processed olive products and grapes, while at the same time being able to satisfy the needs of a wide range of consumers - from beginners to connoisseurs. The aim of the presentation at SIAL is to collaborate with business partners amongst distributors and food retailers who will enable the promotion of the brand and carry out the marketing activities necessary for its support and development. "Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of course the flagship category of our brand, as Greece is one of the world's leading olive oil producers with oils recognized for their quality," explains Georgios Kotsikos, CEO at INECO. "As with wine, with olive oil, the same applies. The more you understand it, the more you love it. And the more you love it, the more it can offer to you. That is why olive oil is for us a real heart matter. Thanks to our specialization in multi-category private label production we have at our disposal a large portfolio of farmers and producers from all over Greece. With the new brand we aim to give to the consumers the opportunity to discover the best of the Greek food products." Adding: "Without a fair and reliable cooperation between producer and distributor, a quality brand is impossible to be built. We have maintained a relationship of collaboration with our first partners for over 10 years."And closing: I would like to invite future partners to our stand at SIAL and establish equally successful collaborations with them for our new brand G-GREEK SELECTIONS" National Pavilions and Regions of the World, Stand 1 C 094

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