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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : Sri Lanka Export Development Board

Communiqué de presse

  • Hayleys Agriculture renews commitment to sustainability

    30 Mai 2016

    Leading condiment food products exporter and the country's first such manufacturer to obtain Carbon Conscious and Water Conscious certifications for its operations, HJS Condiments Ltd - part of the Hayleys group, recently renewed the said certifications for a second consecutive year. The certifications were awarded by The Carbon Consulting Company (CCC) following the conduct of independent audits. Carbon Conscious and Water Conscious are part of the proprietary Conscious range of certification programmes developed by CCC following international standards and protocols for the measurement, management and mitigation/enhancement of environmental sustainability focus areas such as carbon, water, waste and biodiversity. As per the guarantee given by HJS Condiments to be a more sustainable business entity, it has signed up for a three-year programme to frequently measure, manage and mitigate its environmental footprint. In the past year, the company has successfully set up a customized framework, which includes separate carbon and water management plans and an in-house `Sustainability Team' who are responsible for keeping consumption and wastage amounts in check at reduced levels. Hayleys Agriculture Managing Director Rizvi Zaheed said that whilst the company seeks to grow its business portfolio in food and agriculture, this would be done in a completely sustainable manner in keeping with global best practices. Upon receiving the certifications, HJS Condiments Director/CEO Ananda Pathirage said, "We are happy with our progress so far under this three-year programme. In the past year alone, through mitigation opportunities identified from the audits, we have managed to achieve a reduction in Scope 1 emissions of up to 10 percent and we plan to reduce our carbon and water footprints to a greater extent in the coming years that would no doubt benefit the triple bottom line."

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