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Bursa Izmir Yolu Uzeri 22. Km. Nilufer
16149 Bursa

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • HASTAVUK A.S. at SIAL Paris 2016

    29 Juillet 2016

    HasTavuk is breeding company who has %70 market share of the Turkish Layer day old chick, has the biggest hatchery capacity under one roof in Turkey and in Europe with 180.000.000 day old chicks per year starting. From hatching egg, layer and broiler day old chick till layer with, pullet, feed and chicken meat production, HasTavuk is acting all sides of poultry market. HasTavuk has been moved into first place of the world's best factories with its slaughterhouses which has the capacity to handle 12,500 pieces per hour established in Susurluk in May 2013. The Aeroscalder system which is established with the investment of the HasTavuk for the first time in Turkey and recieved the `' golden invention `' award in Europe. With this system, chicken feathers is softened with intensive humid air flow instead of the hot water. Through this method with a highly hygienic production preserved the natural color, natural flavor and aroma of the products. RapidRigor and meat curing technology are used with Aeoroscalder for the first time in Turkey by HasTavuk; which is provides both more soft, more delicious and providing a long life of chicken meat preventing the hardening of the muscles after cutting. Hand cutting is performed with the conditions of Islamic accordance in HasTavuk Slaughterhouse. We manufacture an industry that determine the fate of the environment and natural resources and affect directly human health. In 5 different provinces and 43 different plant, this responsibility not a task to espouse by each of our employees for every moment, this is a tradition since 1972 for us. Hastavuk built one of the world's best slaughtering plants with the same responsibility and now the flavor is served to dinner tables with great precision. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhibition.