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Communiqué de presse

  • FINI GROUP, a 100% Italian company

    01 Mai 2016

    Gruppo Fini is a 100% Italian company, that owns two brands: Fini, the well known food makers founded in Modena in 1912 and ever since specialised in the sector of fresh pasta with filling, and Le Conserve della Nonna, another historic brand from Emilia, producing tomato pureés, sauces, pulses vegetables, and jams. In 2015, Fini enlarged and renewed its factory in Ravarino (Modena), investing 6.5 million Euro in space and latest generation high performance equipment for producing fresh pasta and adopting virtuous manufacturing processes. And so Fini today is the largest industrial food maker producing fresh filled pasta in Emilia. As well having obtained BRC and IFS certification, the Gruppo Fini plant - in line with its corporate mission - has been designed to reduce environmental impact by implementing correct waste disposal procedures, appropriate water treatment and focus on recycling plus using clean energy, thanks to a huge solar panel system covering 5 thousand sq.m, with SEU certification: this covers 50% of the company's entire electricity requirements. A major driver of Gruppo Fini's innovation strategy in 2015 was the launch of a company mission - strongly backed by CEO Andrea Ghia - expressed in the motto: Non Solo Buono... i.e. Not Only Delicious. Because speaking of delicious food is no longer enough: today's consumers want much more than that. Non Solo Buono implies the presence of a background story which narrates and expresses a territory, that of Emilia, with all its traditions and tastes. And it also implies the evolution of Fini and Le Conserve della Nonna products, which today - as well as their traditional recipes made as always with top quality ingredients - take care to offer nutritionally balanced food prepared following the principles of the most recent nutritional studies. Non Solo Buono expresses the Group's vision in every sense: from its production to its personnel management to its marketing and communication strategies.

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