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GOODNESS BRANDS - Boissons plates aux fruits

Unit 2, The Grain Store
Hoadlands Farm
London Road

RH17 6HB Handcross
West Sussex



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  • Koji - Koji - Inspiré par le processus de fermentation traditionnel japonais à infuser avec la saveur , pas de sucre. Une nouvelle boisson est un mélange de fruits de l'eau de noix de coco et les plantes. Pas de sucre , moins de sucre que la plupart des jus de fruits , des smoothies et des boissons gazeus.


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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : UK Pavilion - PS8 Ltd

Communiqué de presse

  • Koji

    04 Mars 2016

    The taste of wellbeing - NEW KOJI fruit and botanical blends Operators looking to quench consumers' thirst for personal wellbeing should try new KOJI from Goodness Brands, a range inspired by a traditional Japanese fermentation process to infuse with flavour, not sugar. The combinations of crushed fruit, coconut water and botanical extracts developed by the team of master blenders are naturally hydrating and come in three varieties to help customers relax, refresh and revitalise. Available in 330ml Tetra Prisma cartons (eight in a case), the three KOJI flavours are: ¿ Relax - Cherry, Vanilla & Chamomile - a delicately flavoured coconut water infused with cherry & vanilla and chamomile to help your customers unwind after a long day ¿ Refresh - Apple & Mint - a light flavoured coconut water infused with apple and mint to refresh your customers on a hot day ¿ Revitalise - Lime, B Vitamins & Green Coffee Bean - a coconut water energy drink, naturally hydrating and infused with lime, B vitamins and green coffee beans to energise your customers when they need a lift Gary Barnshaw, managing director of Goodness Brands and British Master Chef, said: "The KOJI way is the Japanese art of infusion, with each variety in the range made with botanical extracts, from yuzu, jasmine, white willow bark and lemon balm to chamomile and green coffee bean. From convenience stores and health food shops to hotels, KOJI is ideal for consumers who are not only seeking hydration and great flavours, but want to increase their sense of wellbeing." The art of infusion - key benefits (RSP £1.89) ¿ Delicious taste of wellbeing ¿ Flavours to relax, refresh and revitalise ¿ Source of vitamins (A, B1, C, B9) ¿ Less sugar than most juices, smoothies and fizzy drinks ¿ No added sugar ¿ SUGOMETER featured on pack ¿ 12-month ambient shelf life