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  • Distribution/Commerce
  • Restauration
  • Snacking / Restauration

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • FADE FOOD at SIAL Paris 2016

    27 Juillet 2016

    Fade started its operations at 1995-96. It quickly became one of the market leaders due to the well educated farmer base it works with which is a result of good reputation its founder has in the region. The most important thing which makes Fade unique is the long term relationships it has with a big well educated, stable and reliable farmer base. Fade believes, big businesses can be built on trustable long term relationships, so Fade doesn't limit its relations with its partners to product delivery but keeps warm contact with them even after the sale is completed for a long time. Since its foundation, Fade has considered meeting new cultures, new people and new markets as the main factor of growth. In the global world of 21st century, Fade's new route is to export natural food of Bakircay area. Fade aims to catch the growth trend it had in sun dried tomato production, in natural food export field. Fade is decided to keep naturality of the food it exports because Fade is aware of the fact that, to become bigger can be built on long term commercial relationships but not short term relationships. We will be glad to host you at our booth during the exhibition.