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14451 Metamorfosi - Athens
Metamorfosi - Attica

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : PROMO SOLUTION LTD

Communiqué de presse


    01 Septembre 2016

    ¿ EPIRUS S.A. founded in October 1994 ¿ The plant is located in Arta at the Epirus region in the North-West of Greece, is the least industrialized area in the Eurozone with agriculture being the main source of income ¿ Producing a vast range of Greek PDO cheeses like Feta, Kaseri, Kefalograviera hard cheese as well as Light, Goat cheese, Manouri, Talagani grill cheese and many others ¿ There have been 5 major expansions of the factory and in the period 2010-2014 € 35 million were invested in the areas of milk collection, feta production and packaging. Investments in the production and packaging lines continue aiming to always offer products with high quality and excellent taste ¿ EPIRUS S.A. is the largest cheese factory in Greece, processing approximately 25,000 tons of sheep and goat milk annually ¿ EPIRUS S.A. is certified with the International Quality Assurance System certification ISO 9001:2008, as well as the International Food Safety Assurance Standard & HACCP ISO 22000:2005 ¿ Moreover, EPIRUS S.A. contributes to the collective effort for a better, cleaner, more human environment and is certified with the Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 ¿ Also, certified with the new edition of the certification for food Quality and Safety control, International Food Standard - IFS Food - Version 6 and with HALAL ¿ EPIROS CHEESES have received 18 awards in local and international competitions for its taste and quality ¿ EPIRUS S.A. has a global presence with the Epiros brand in more than 20 countries