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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

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  • Turkey's Sunar Grup Eyes Low Calorie and GM-Free

    10 Aout 2016

    One company that is thriving in the current environment, is the Sunar Group (turnover: US$400 million), which is based in the country's Adana region, the biggest piece of flat, fertile land in Turkey, and close to the main port for the Eastern Mediterranean region's industry and agriculture.The Group currently sells 164,000 tons/year of exports to more than 100 countries, with more than US$150 million in export value. It holds a current share of 43% of Turkey's corn oil exports, 6% of it's sunflower oil exports and 27% of it's glucose exports.Most impressive is the group's 58% share of Turkey's starch exports, via the Sunar Misir division, which accounts for 330 of the Group's 824 employees. The five-year goal for Sunar Misir is to continue to pursue an export-oriented growth strategy, with a 50% share of the Turkish sorbitol market and a 60% share of the maltitol market. These targets come on the back of significant investment into the production of these ingredients in recent years. Sunar Misir started production at the first and only sorbitol plant in Turkey (2013), and followed this with the first and only maltitol plant in the country in 2015. Founded in 1985, Sunar Misir, produces native starch, modified starch, dextrin, glucose, isoglucose, sorbitol, maltitol, corn gluten meal, corn gluten feed, corn germ, all solely produced from certified non-GMO corn. Huseyin Nuri Comu, Board Chairman, noted that this division of group invested €40 million in 5 years. As a policy to strengthen the impacts & return of these investments, the company hired highly talented employees and reinforced it's R&D capability. Sunar Misir supplies its energy from a high-tech cogeneration plant based in the premises of Sunar Misir production area. We plan to invest €45 million for Sunar Misir in 5 years time until 2020 with focusing on high-value added/innovative products like food modified starch, construction chemicals, starch based bioplastics and some niche products, Comu explains.