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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • Dogan Baharat

    01 Septembre 2016

    Dogan Baharatcilik is an expert spice-trading company in Turkey, who understands spices, knows the trade, and also can classify all qualities of officinal plants and oils. Wholeheartedly found by Necmettin Topcu in 1952, it continues to expand and flourish under the executive responsibilities of Ahmet Topcu. Dogan Baharatcilik imports various spices from the tropical regions of the world, while exporting to European Countries the herbs and spices that grow in the Mediterranean Climate of Turkey. From our country where the best of Almond, Sesame, Black Cumin are cultivated, we export the healthy and highest quality oils obtained from these plants to all corners of the World. Our company, which has enriched its expertise in spices through high quality herbal oils and officinal plants, is also the first company in this business line in Turkey to obtain ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems. Dogan Baharatcilik continues to serve its vast diversity of customers with a vision that has always prioritised quality and honesty. We will be glad to see you at our booth during the exhibition .