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  • Distribution/Commerce
  • Restauration
  • Snacking / Restauration


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse


    30 Juin 2016

    Daskan family started its commercial life in 1986 with a family company which was founded by three brothers. Daskan Collective Co. increased its business volume, and was named Daskan Agricultural Products Inc. as an incorporated company in 1995. Daskan family decided to continue its commercial life which had started as a sultanas producer and merchandiser as a sultanas exporter, and built its sultanas factory on a 13000 m2 area and achieved its first exportation in 1997. Using the knowledge and experience out of sultanas growing and merchandising in quality raw material selection and process in the sultanas factory, Daskan family secured its position among sultanas exporters in a short time. That the sultanas factory was founded in Urganli-Turgutlu, one of the most productive plains in Turkey, and Daskan family has been operating in the region for long years as a farmer of sultanas and merchandiser provides an advantage that the quality raw material can be provided directly from farmers. The number of the farmers willing to sell goods to Daskan Inc. has increased every year thanks to the collaboration based on mutual trust between Daskan family and the farmers, which gained Daskan a great power in receiving raw materials economically. Daskan Inc. increased its sultanas production and exportation, which had started in 1997, every year and secured its position, and turned into a firm exporting annually about 20.000 ton sultanas to the whole world, especially the European countries since 2012, with its 3 million dollar capital and 40 million dollar business volume.Daskan's products are produced from best quality raw materials in the production line which includes latest technology of sultanas sector with 6 laser scanners, 2 X-Ray sorters, 26 aspirators and sieves, 4 metal detectors.Daskan has got ISO 9001 certificate since 2000, ISO 22000 and BRC certificate since 2006. Daskan INC will be glad to host you at its booth during the exhibition SIAL Paris 2016.