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  • Slendier Organic Konjac Pasta

    05 Aout 2016

    D'Lite Food Europe 1.16/202 Jells Road Wheelers Hill VICTORIA 3150 AUSTRALIA Booth No. SLENDIER is vegetable based pasta, rice and noodles, it is made from konjac which is grown and consumed as a dietary staple throughout many Asian countries. Benefits: Low Calories Low Carbs Gluten Free Fat Free Source of Fibre Sugar Free No Dairy, starch or wheat Pre Cooked Perfect for People Who: Want to lose weight Have food allergies Are diabetic Want to enjoy a healthy meal 'Eating Slendier enables you to eat the food you love' Our Slendier Calorie Clever Range: Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Lasagne, Angelhair, Rice and Noodle. Slendier range is a great alternative to traditional wheat pasta, rice and noodles. The range is very easy to incorporate into your current lifestyle and eating plan. Slendier range is made from a vegetable called Konjac. Food made from Konjac are low calorie and low carbohydrates. The soluble fibre known as Glucomannan is found in the Konjac vegetable. While soluble fibre is found in many sources such as fruit, vegetables and oats, glucomannan has an incredible water-holding capacity and is the thickest of all known dietary fibres. This makes Slendier a great, simple alternative to your everyday pasta, noodles and rice, assisting you to make positive changes to your lifestyle.

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