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CONSERVAS PORTUGAL NORTE, LDA - Produits traiteur divers

Rua Sousa Aroso, 580/620
4450-287 Matosinhos


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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : PORTUGALFOODS

Communiqué de presse

  • A century of quality canned fish

    04 Aout 2016

    Founded in 1912, CONSERVAS PORTUGAL NORTE, LDA is a family-run company with a great tradition in the production and trade of canned fish, including sardines, tuna, mackerels among others, in different sauces and presentations. The plant is located in Matosinhos - PORTUGAL, very close to the fishing port which guarantees a daily supply of fresh fish. Over the years, CONSERVAS PORTUGAL NORTE has been able to successfully combine the adoption of new production technologies to the quality maintenance of Portuguese tradition in canned fish, always maximizing the excellent taste of its products. At all stages of the production process, which includes the careful selection of raw materials in addition to the effective monitoring of crimping and sterilization of cans, there is a rigorous process of analysis and critical control points which guarantees certification by the highest quality levels. The main objective of CONSERVAS PORTUGAL NORTE, LDA. is to adapt its products to the worldwide customer¿s needs offering a healthy product (all-natural and rich in Omega 3), excellent quality and very competitive prices. Managed by a dynamic team, the company is growing in all countries where it distributes. In this scenario, Briosa Gourmet line was especially created to awaken consumer's senses to meet the best that our ancestors left us as heritage - the Portuguese art of producing canned fish as anyone in the world. Briosa Gourmet line consists in several products exclusively prepared for everyone to enjoy the true essence of traditional Portuguese flavor.

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