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Rua Engº Ferreira Dias, 415
4100-247 Porto


L'Association Portugaise du Café (AICC) lance la marque globale "Portuguese Coffee - a blend of stories".


Cible client

  • Distribution/Commerce


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : PORTUGALFOODS

Communiqué de presse

  • New: Portuguese Coffee - a blend of stories

    15 Septembre 2016

    "Portuguese Coffee - a blend of stories": The Portuguese Roasters have created this new brand to promote and spread the "Portuguese Coffee", a high quality coffee with tradition and a very own culture and originality. "Portuguese Coffee" is a different coffee, with it owns unique characteristics, recognized by different markets as a specific and differentiated product. This allows increasing its value and demand. What's a Portuguese Coffee? It's a drink, obtained in an espresso machine, from a blend of roasted coffee, with an average volume between 35±5ml and with a hazelnut color cream, dense and persistent. Organoleptic, it's a velvety drink, with accentuated body and well balanced. It is characterized by an aromatic complexity, a soft acidity, a remarkable balance of flavors and a persistent and pleasant mouth taste in the end". How is it different? ¿ Cultural heritage/ Portugality ¿ Historic tradition and habits/tradition of consumption ¿ Natural and traditional process of roasting. Slow roasting ¿ Diversity and richness of feedstock ¿ Biodiversity - Several differentiated origins ¿ Cream: product characterization ¿ Emotional history around the Portuguese espresso coffee ¿ Differentiating experience Roasting in Portugal is less intense compared to a dark roasting, used in other countries, preserving the essence of the Portuguese coffee and giving it less acidity, strong aroma and sweetness and a full-bodied drink. Roasting in Portugal focuses on medium to medium dark roast, allowing the coffee to express his regional flavour associated with each origin, resulting in a roasted coffee with scent and enhanced body and a sweetness that offers a sensory experience of tasting that tends to extend the flavour in your mouth and that creates a consumer memory.

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