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Communiqué de presse

  • Organic Commitment - Coco Sugar Indonesia

    16 Octobre 2016

    At the very core of our values is Organic Commitment wherein we pledge to ensure all our products are organic and natural, without any chemicals or additives. The reason this value is so important to PT Coco Sugar Indonesia is because we are well aware of the kind of additives that go into everyday cane or table sugar. Further, among the many reasons for which consumers are increasingly tilting towards coconut sugar, its organic nature remains primary. Under such circumstances, we would of course not be doing justice to our very existence if we did not provide 100% organic and natural coconut sugar, hence our Organic Commitment. And mind you, this commitment remains central at every step of the coconut sugar creation process. So it is not a part of our existence - rather it is its very basis. In our case, even the coconut trees grow 100% naturally; there are no additives or chemicals added to the soil which may lead to ecological damage or other undesirable consequences. This is important because coconut trees have grown in this part of Indonesia for thousands of years and we would definitely like to see things continue that way. For that, we in turn need to make sure that the soil retains its natural properties and hence our Organic Commitment. A very important pointer towards this assertion would be the coconut trees themselves which grow in abundance across Banyumas region where we are located¿they have done so for centuries and our production of coconut sugar does not in any way hamper or adversely affect their growth. On the contrary, we take all steps possible to ensure that they continue to grow sans any concerns, irrespective of human presence or activity in the area.

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