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CHERNOMORSKY FLOUR MILLS - Farines et semoules

Ukraine,Kiev, Moskovs'Kyi ave, 1
04073 Obolon


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Communiqués de presse

  • Chernomorsky Flour Mills

    31 Juillet 2016

    We, Chernomorsky Flour Mills, Are one of the leading wheat flour producer in Ukraine. Our production facility is located in Mykolaiv Region which is one of the biggest and strategic wheat hub in Ukraine. We provide effective delivery to both our domestic and international customers. Our facility is half hour away from Mykolaiv Sea/River Port and 1.5 hours away from Odessa, Ilychevsk or Yujny Container Terminals . We service to the leading wholesale and retailers, bakeries, noodle producers with high quality flours. In addition to our domestic sales, we are leading wheat flour exporter of Ukraine, we are currently exporting to more than 7 different countries. We guarantee a permanent, predictable quality, for our frequent control regulations with careful attention to be on schedule with our delivery.