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Via Delle Industrie 33
Villafranca Padovana

35010 Padova



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  • Distribution/Commerce

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  • BIRRA ANTONIANA a beer with an Italian heart and at once a strong international vocation.

    25 Juillet 2016

    The identity of Birra Antoniana The idea of creating a brand new beer, entirely produced in Padua, arose in Sandro and Michele Vecchiato in 2011. At the beginnings of the `80s, they took the reins of the family business, Interbrau, which in 30 years became the supply leader of special beers in Italy. The two brothers, thanks to the long-standing experience in the high quality beer market, decided to turn their dream into reality: create a beer with an Italian heart and at once a strong international vocation. The brewery is conceived as a farm brewery, with a view to enhance the connection with the earth that provides raw materials for Birra Antoniana. Being a farm brewery means to produce internally at least 51% of the ingredients involved in the brewing process. At the moment, Birra Antoniana is brewed with distic barley, grown in more than 100 acres of land directly managed by the brewery. The construction of the brewery took almost two years: the result is a plant rich in innovative and modern technologies, whose machinery are mainly Italians. The brewery is highly committed to contribute to environmental sustainability, through the employment of renewable sources for the energy supply of the plant; moreover Birrificio Antoniano is environmentally friendly thanks to the purifier, which guarantees the intake of chemical-free and biologically safe water into the drainage system. The expansion of the brewery In 2015 the brew house, the canteen and the bottling department almost reached their maximum productive capacity; thus a renovation of the plant is launched. In august 2015 a new area is set up with tanks with a capacity of 100hl, which will became the new canteen. By the end of September 2015 the new brew house arrived, quadruplicating the productive capacity of the brewery. Since January 2016 the cooking room is running at full speed in the new plant.