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  • Industry Europe

    01 Mai 2016

    Bielmar company is a Polish producer of excellent margarines and vegetable oils. Our products have been produced since year 1945. Bielmar is one of 3 biggest producers of margarines in Poland. We employ about 350 people and our annual turnover is ca € 70 mln. Products of Bielmar are based on original recipes using natural ingredients and product quality is our company's top priority. Our production lines are fully automated and of high standard. Margarines for baking, spreading and frying contain naturally sour milk, are rich in natural vitamin E and contain no preservatives. Basic raw material - rapeseed - comes from national crops and its suppliers declare the lack of GMO seeds. Rapeseed oil is produced using the most environmentally friendly method of deep pressing one. We eliminated from the production chemical extraction step, which excludes the presence of organic solvents and ensures purity of the final product. In our company we also refine sunflower and palm oils. We combine vegetable oils and fats and produce margarine. Bielmar supplies products to the mass retail companies in Europe with PRIVATE LABEL. Our factory has certificate of BRC and KOSHER Certificate. One of our specialties is production of margarines and fats for the professionals and applied in a wide range of confectionary and bakery industry, and is used for culinary purposes and in catering. These products are perfect use for baking various kinds of cakes, masses and churning cream. Bielmar offers margarine in blocks in a neat box at an attractive prices. In our offer we have margarines with fat contents 20%- 80%, vegetable fats, vegetable oils and puff pastry margarine. All the above proves that our products are of high quality and are perfect for high quality pastries, cakes, cookies and biscuits as well as for variety of snacks. If you are looking for more information about our company please feel free to contact and also visit our website

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