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AKYUREK - Amlimentation animale : divers

Karaduvar Mah. 65117 Sokak No:37
33020 Mersin

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • Akyurek Technology - Global Solutions Partner at Sial PARIS 2016

    01 Janvier 2016

    AKYUREK, established in 1973, is successfully manufacturing post harvest seed conditioning and processing machinery in Mersin, Turkey. Core company policies are high customer satisfaction, product quality, safety and after sales services. With today's fast improving technology AKYUREK Kardesler Ltd operates as Akyurek Technology and continues its success within the industry. AKYUREK Technology's forty years of industry experience now continues with an ecological production policy. AKYUREK Technology situated on a 40.000 meter square area and growing each day with its 400 members of staff. AKYUREK Technology is a family owned and run business, with professional members in each department; all our products carry the family name. AKYUREK Technology offers technological solutions and equipments for seed conditioning for food or seed purpose processing plants for Global Seed, Grain, Pulse, Cereal and Dry Leguminous industry. AKYUREK Technology is world renowned for its quality after sales support service. With its four decades of food and seed processing experience AKYUREK Technology always welcomes its clients in a hospitable and professional atmosphere and continues this professional approach weather in be short term trading or long term business partnerships with the feedback received from partnerships and on site Research and Development center. AKYUREK Technology adapts, improves and supplies designs tailor made to its clients needs. As well as manufacturing the world's best cleaners in their field, there are mechanical or PLC operated equipments available for all of budgets and needs. To able to deliver the global seed processing industry's expectations Akyurek Technology recipe is to combine the field experience with up to date technological production facilities. We will be glad to host you at our booth.