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AHI GUVEN CANNED & FROZEN FOODS CO. - AHI GUVEN - Haricots verts appertisés

Kibris Sehitleri Cad.
Kamer Is Merkezi No:24 Kat:7 D:13

35220 Izmir


Présent(s) sur le pavillon : ISTANBUL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE

Communiqué de presse

  • AHI GUVEN at SIAL Paris 2016

    28 Juin 2016

    Ahi Guven Frozen and Canned Foods one of the strongest producer and exporter in Turkey in its field. There are no domestic sales; the company exports all of its production to worldwide, mainly to the USA, UK, Australia, Japan and many of European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmar,etc.. The company is improving its market share and sales volume each year. Ahi Guven Frozen and Canned Foods Co is a diligent supplier of quality products to the food industry with a dedicated team of food technologists who are responsible for ensuring that our manufacturing facilities comply with all food standards and government legislation. The company operates under a Quality Management System that is supported by a HACCP plan and BRC/IFS standards .The Company is registered with BRC/IFS and Kosher Star K certificate. Our primary products are frozen and canned pepper, roasted peppers, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry, sour cherry, apricot, plum, sultana grapes, mandarins, orange segments ,tomatoes in oil, burned figs in caramel etc. Other season fruits and vegetables are also in our production portfolio. Most of our products are available in juice, in concentrate, in syrup and in slices and dices with the various cut-sizes for an array of industrial applications. Further to our product range stated above, many kinds of vegetables and fruits are able to be produced on demand at our customer's convenience. The biggest advantage of our company is to be able to supply products at highest quality basing on our experiences in frozen and canned food business. Further to this, our production zone is restructured with new and well-maintained powerful stainless equipments in order to provide an excellent service to our customers. Our warehousing complex, labeling and coding systems are fully automated.We will be glad to see you at SIAL Paris 2016.