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2B[to be] Lifestyle Trading

2B[to be] Lifestyle Trading - Boissons gazeuses aux fruits

Stands :

5C E 189


Wielandgasse 35
8010 Graz



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  • Distribution/Commerce

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Présent(s) sur le pavillon : AUSTRIAN FEDERAL ECONOMIC CHAMBER

Communiqué de presse

  • 2B[to be] functional fruit drinks - Innovation from Austria

    30 Juin 2016

    The multi-fruit functional drink 2B RELAXED was awarded the title "Top Innovation of the Year" at the ANUGA 2013 in Cologne. With this award, the international panel paid tribute to the quality and innovation of the relaxing drink 2B RELAXED with more than 50% fruit content produced by the Austrian company Lifestyle Trading. The international markets also appreciate the high quality of the functional fruit drinks - for example, 2B is now also available in the Middle East, namely in Dubai and soon in Iran. The relaxing 2B RELAXED and the invigorating 2B ACTIVE combine taste and function in a natural way. The functional fruit drinks are a mixture of fresh fruit and natural ingredients with an invigorating or relaxing effect. 2B ACTIVE, the refreshing functional fruit drink made of ripe fruit for new vigor and vitality. The combination of natural active substances - a carefully selected blend of grape, passion fruit, guava and mango as well as maca, ginseng and royal jelly and with the powerful amino acid L-arginine gives 2B ACTIVE an especially invigorating taste, completely without added sugar. 2B ACTIVE [to be] was designed above all for physically active persons who want to supply their bodies with energy in a natural manner and without added sugar. For this reason, 2B [to be] is a proud sponsor of the Styrian soccer club GAK , Austrian Champion in 2004. 2B RELAXED is a fruity chill-out zone bringing you enjoyment, calm and relaxation. The functional fruit drink combines balm, honey, banana, apricot, pomegranate and cranberry as well as the amino acid L-tryptophan. Without any added sugar, 2B RELAXED develops a pleasant, fruity and sweet taste. Both multi-fruit functional drinks have been created by the innovative Austrian physician Dr. Armin Breinl. "With 2B RELAXED and 2B ACTIVE, we have hit on both the spirit of the times and the taste of the consumers. Improving the quality of life is the main goal for people.

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