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Food trade: It is thanks to the “drive” that France is number one for growth. - 17/09/2014 11:28

South Korea is the leading world market for food e-commerce owing to exceptional penetration. But France holds the number one position for growth.  

Assortment of goods SME are dominating the large manufacturers - 11/09/2014 18:47

Nielsen highlights the health of the small and medium companies which are developing in terms of both market share and supply. A study which goes against the prevailing thought!



La production d'ail et des produits dérivés d'ail de norme mondiale et de qualité supérieure.

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Domaines d'activités

  • Ail déshydraté
  • Ail surgelé
  • Epicerie
  • Fruits et légumes surgelés
  • Légumes secs et/ou déshydratés
  • Produits surgelés

Cible clients : Distribution/Commerce
Industries agroalimentaires